Dairy-Free Cranberry Milk

A dairy-free and seasonal twist to the classic strawberry milk.

Hey folks……you’ll ready for some sweet, tart, refreshing and healthy milk. Just one thing, there is no real milk!

Actually the inspiration for this post came from my trip to our local grocery store with my baby last week. I was at the dairy section grabbing the usual and Sylvester went “mama, how come you never get us strawberry milk?” That was a honest question. I’ve never purchased strawberry milk for the kids, like ever! Not sure why… So, I picked up a bottle of strawberry milk and started going through the ingredients.

Unhappy with the long list, I kept the bottle back in its place, promising him to make it at home. But, I found only a bag of frozen blackberries and cranberries in my freezer. I quickly opted for cranberries (blackberries are not gonna make pink milk, duh). Then suddenly, I recollected reading somewhere that cranberries and milk when consumed together might cause stomach upset. Have any of  you heard this or is it an old wives’ tale? So, in an effort not to upset my child’s little tummy, I whipped up dairy-free cranberry milk!

Blend cranberries, cashews, honey, water and salt until smooth, strain and serve. Tart from cranberries, sweet from honey and creamy from cashews, this is a refreshing healthy light smoothie on a busy morning or healthy snack on the go.



-To make vegan version, replace honey with maple syrup or agave

-Straining is optional. If you have a powerful blender then go ahead and skip the straining.


Dairy-Free Cranberry Milk


1/2 cup fresh or frozen cranberries

40 whole raw cashews

1 cup water

2 tablespoons honey

1 small pinch salt


Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until completely smooth (it took 3 1/2 minutes in mine).

Strain into a serving glass (straining is optional but it results in a silky smooth milk). I was a little lazy and didn’t bother to strain:)

makes 1 serving



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