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Cookies & Cream Cannoli Nachos

 The ever so popular Italian cannoli gets a makeover!!!! Cookies & cream cannoli chips are topped with dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, ricotta cream and strawberries to make a shareable dessert for your next get-together.

Forget about the nachos before meal. Lets talk nachos for dessert, shall we?

I’m so excited to bring to y’all a brand new product CANNOLI CHIPS. Golden cannoli company has been making their famous cannoli shells for over 30 years and have now introduced snackable cannoli chips in 3 flavors – powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and cookies & cream. The company was kind enough to ship me a box of all the three varieties and I must agree that they are highly addictive and my favorite was the plain powdered sugar, my kids couldn’t stop munching:)

The cookies & cream chips are chocolatey crisp chips dusted with powdered sugar and is the perfect base for all the delicious toppings. This recipe does not really need any measurements (except for the ricotta cream). Add in any dessert toppings and fruits that you like and enjoy.

These dessert nachos will be a huge hit at your next party/get-together/hangout and it doesn’t require any prep (almost). Well, you’ve got to make the ricotta cream and that will take you a few seconds and it can be made up to a day ahead and stored in the refrigerator. So, all you have to do is place some cannoli chips, drizzle some dulce de leche, chocolate syrup, ricotta cream and berries and you are sure to impress your guests.

Skill level – Easy

Cookies & Cream Cannoli Nachos


Cannoli cream

 1/2 cup ricotta cheese

1/4 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup confectioners sugar

1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)

Other ingredients

1 x 5.1 ounce pack Cookies & cream cannoli chips

dulce de leche, as required (I used this can )

chocolate syrup, as required

cannoli cream, as required

sliced strawberries, as required


To make cannoli cream,

Place all ingredients in a medium bowl and beat with a hand held electric beater, until thick and smooth. Store in the refrigerator, if not using right away.

To serve,

Place some cookies & cream cannoli chips on a serving platter, drizzle chocolate syrup and dulce de leche (if thick, then warm in the microwave for a pourable consistency), dollop cannoli cream and top with sliced strawberries.

Serve immediately

Makes about 4 servings


Elaine @ Dishes Delish

Tuesday 28th of February 2017

I am literally drooling over this recipe. I want some cannoli chips, PRONTO!

Maria Doss

Tuesday 28th of February 2017 kids and their friends polished it all off without leaving any for daddy.LOL


Sunday 26th of February 2017

Oh my word these sound amazing.

Maria Doss

Monday 27th of February 2017

Thank you Nicky:)


Sunday 26th of February 2017

Ah this looks so delicious!! Making me crave some chocolate for sure (: Greta post!

Maria Doss

Sunday 26th of February 2017

Thank you Alix:)


Sunday 26th of February 2017

This looks SINFUL. Pinning so I can make this later and not share it with a soul xD. Thanks for sharing :)

Alicia Nicole xo

Maria Doss

Sunday 26th of February 2017

Indeed, thanks for the kind words:)

Charlotte Johnson

Saturday 25th of February 2017

Looks delicious, going to attempt to make it!!

Maria Doss

Sunday 26th of February 2017

Delicious indeed:)