Honey Whipped Ricotta Toast with Blood Oranges

Not your usual morning toast!!! Juicy blood orange slices, creamy ricotta whipped with honey and served over a golden toasted slice of bread. Not blood orange season? Top with fresh berries in spring or sliced plums/nectarines/peaches in Summer.

Blood orange season is short lived and I’m always a fortunate recipient of these crimson colored fruits from my neighbor. My husband and I are not into gardening and I in particular have a brown thumb when it comes to growing any type of plant or tree. But, hooray for my wonderful neighbor! We get to enjoy many fruits picked fresh from their collection of lovely fruit trees. Lucky me😊

I can’t believe that we are well into March and Spring is in the air, it feels good. I’m certainly not against Winter, though this one was a little warmer than usual for us. But, out with the bulky sweaters and boots and bring in shorts and flip-flops, woo-hoo!

Now, can I tell you guys how ridiculously simple these toasts are to make? Make your busy weekday feel special or a lazy weekend morning feel indulgent or a snack after school or even a light dinner. It’s good any time of the day or even a late night snack.  Let me walk you through the process ….

—-Toast bread in a toaster until crisp and light brown.

—-Cream ricotta and honey with a hand held beater until creamy and fluffy ( if you’re pressed for time, then just stir honey and ricotta together with a spoon)

—-Slice blood oranges into thick slices or segments (blood oranges can be replaced with any fresh seasonal fruit)

— Sprinkle sliced almonds (or your favorite chopped nuts) and chopped mint leaves( optional)

—-Drizzle more honey if your sweet tooth is as big as mine 🙂

I used fresh homemade ricotta and it is super easy to make, click here for the recipe.

Skill level – Easy

Honey Whipped Ricotta Toast with Blood Oranges


1 cup ricotta cheese, homemade or store bought

3 tablespoons honey + more for drizzling

2 blood oranges

3 slices bread (buttermilk / white / wheat / whole wheat )

2 tablespoons sliced almonds

2 tablespoons chopped mint leaves, optional


1. Place ricotta cheese and 3 tablespoons honey in a small bowl, beat with a hand held electric beater until smooth, creamy and fluffy. Set aside. (You can simple stir both ingredients together with a spoon until smooth to save time)

2. Using a sharp knife slice of the top and bottom of oranges. Slice off the skin and any white pith. Slice the oranges into thick slices (or Cut or chop oranges any way that you like).

3. Just before serving, toast bread slices in a toaster until deep golden. On each toast, spread about 1/3rd of whipped ricotta and top with 3 blood orange slices, sliced almonds, chopped mint (if using) and drizzle additional honey on top (if desired).

Makes 3 toasts


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  1. I have a brown thumb too! Can’t do anything about it so I just hit the farmers markets 🙂 Ricotta, honey and fresh fruit is so good! I did not manage to get any blood oranges this year 🙁 But berries sound good too

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