Tip-Tuesday #1 – Measuring Flour For Baking

I’m so excited to start a new series of Tip-Tuesdays!

As much as I enjoy creating and posting unique recipes, I would also like to share some knowledge / tips / hacks that I have gathered over the years with my readers. If you have ever wondered why a particular recipe didn’t work (or) is there a easier way out (or) oops…I’ve burnt my grilled cheese (or) how do I pick the sweetest fruit (or)…..you get the idea. I shall post one tip every Tuesday and would love to clarify any of your query in the series. So, If you’ve been pondering over something then just shoot me a comment and I shall cover on one of the Tip-Tuesdays.

My first Tip-Tuesday is how to measure flour for baking. Though it does not really sound like a big deal at the first glance, the right amount of flour is critical for a recipe.

– Scooping 1 cup flour directly from a canister with the measuring cup  yields 5.3 ounces by weight

-Spooning 1 cup flour into the measuring cup yields 4.5 ounces by weight

 The excess flour alters the recipe and you might not get the perfect result.

The right method to measure flour- 

Step 1 -Fluff up the flour with a spoon

Step 2 -Using a spoon, add flour into the measuring cup (do not pack down) until it is slightly heaped

Step 3 – Run a straight edged knife across the measuring cup to remove all excess flour

Feel free to shoot me any questions or doubts that you might have……


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  1. Great advice! I am a firm believer of the metric system for measuring and using grams instead of cups as I find it important to have exactly right measurements, esp. for baking! In the cooking department, I prefer doing it freestyle, but baking is a more exact art! 🙂 I don’t even own measuring cups, how about that! 😀

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