Banana-Nutella-Croissant French Toast In a Mug

The ultimate decadence!

2-minutes and 7-ingredients is all that it takes for this decadent-dessert-french toast cooked in a microwave.

Happy Friday folks!

Hope you’ll have fun or laid back plans for this evening. Personally, I’m more of a stay-at-home with Netflix kinda gal (of course with a glass of wine, duh…). Going out on a Friday night is more of a chore for me. Which category do you fall in?

Guess what I’m making for dessert tonight? Something that screams chocolate, looks and tastes indulgent and that requires almost-no-effort on a relaxing Friday night. After all, who wants to slave in the kitchen after a long week?


My baby boy turned 11 years old last week-Happy Birthday Baby! Being a huge foodie, he always comes up with a menu for his big day. This year, he wanted banana Nutella french toast for breakfast. French toast with all the hustle and bustle of a weekday morning? However, I cannot disappoint him, can I? Especially on his birthday? (Or any other day for that matter). Microwave french toast came to the rescue. This is was not a healthy breakfast that I usually emphasize on, but it was his birthday afterall. Both kids devoured this and got a fun start to the day:)

This dessert french toast takes 2 minutes in the microwave…..

—-Rip apart day old croissants into big chunks (perfect use for leftover croissants)

—-slice bananas

—-select a large microwave safe coffee mug

—-layer croissant pieces, bananas and chocolate chips in the mug

—stir together egg, milk and Nutella with a fork , pour evenly over the croissant pieces

—-microwave for 2 minutes on high

—let rest for 5 minutes

—top with whipped cream and indulge!


-day old croissants are perfect for this

Skill level – Easy

Banana-Nutella-Croissant French Toast In a Mug


2 small croissants or 1 large (a day old), ripped into big chunks

1 small banana, peeled and sliced

1 1/2 tablespoons semi-sweet chocolate pieces

1 large egg

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup Nutella

whipped cream, to serve


1. In a large microwave safe mug, place half the croissant pieces, scatter half the sliced bananas and chocolate chips. Then top with remaining croissant pieces, bananas and chcolate chips. Set aside.

2.Stir together egg, milk and Nutella in a small bowl, until thoroughly combined and pour evenly over the croissants.

3. Place mug in the microwave and microwave on high for 2 minutes.

4. Remove mug carefully (it will be very hot), and set aside to cool for 5 minutes.

5. Serve french toast topped with whipped cream.

Makes 1 serving


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  1. your son came up with this idea?! i think he’s on the right track because this sounds amazing! and i’m definitely more of a stay in on friday night person; i did go out last night, but only to bake madeleines with a friend. it was quite a crazy night (;

    1. If you wanna take the chocolate route – then try adding some cocoa powder + sugar along with egg and milk.
      If you wanna take a plain route – then try adding some sugar + a splash of vanilla extract along with egg and milk.
      Hope it helps, let me how it goes. Thanks

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