Tip Tuesday #3 – No More Tears….

No More Tears….

Almost every Indian savory dish begins with sautéing onions. Needless to say, I had to find the most effective method to reduce my crying. I have heard and and read many…many tricks over the years – some are effective to a certain extent while others aren’t even worth experimenting.

Some of the common ones are–

Cut onion under water – certainly not practical

Freeze the onion before cutting – requires planning ahead and much harder to cut, if frozen longer

Refrigerate the onion – did reduce the tears to a certain extent

Cut while holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth – tried it for the sake of fun

Wear goggles – one of the effective methods but, I wanted to cook and not go scuba diving

After trying many more, I landed on one and find it the most effective of all –

Turn one of your gas burner on and cut the onion standing close to it. Many suggest lighting a candle, but a candle flame was just too small to have any effect. This works for me due to all the practical reasons – I don’t have to plan ahead and I’m gonna turn on the stove anyways couple of minutes later. I’ve been using this trick as long as I can remember and it is hands down the best one for me!!

Please follow all basic precautions when dealing with open flame!

Do you have a favorite method that works for you? I would love to hear….




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  1. Oh wow! This is such an awesome tip! I heard about cutting it cold but it worked a little, my eyes would still tear up! Love learning these tips from you 🙂

  2. Ha! I love this. I am a total onion weeper. Every time. I think if my husband came home with me wearing kitchen goggles, that would be enough for him to send me to the looney bin. 😉

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