Very Berry Arugula Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie uses some of the freshest produce in season! Peppery arugula, spring berries, apple, banana and almonds blended with coconut water and a dried fig to sweeten.





Morning breakfast, healthy afternoon snack on warm days, post-workout snack – this smoothie is a great choice. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, folate, antioxidants, electrolytes and a touch of ginger to help with the digestion. I have been making this smoothie for my husband for years and finally decided to share with my readers. This smoothie is sweet from berries, apple, banana, fig and coconut water, so its a great one for kids or for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The recipe here is just an approximation and totally custramizable to your liking or more importantly- whatever you have on hand. Here are Some ideas…..

-use baby spinach or baby kale instead of arugula

– use any types berries or just one type

-use raw cashews instead of almonds

-use dates instead of fig

Skill level – Easy

Very Berry Arugula Smoothie Bowl


1 cup baby arugula, lightly packed

1 cup mixed frozen or fresh mixed berries

1 cup coconut water ( I used this )

1/2 large apple

1 small banana

10 raw almonds

1 dried fig

1/2 teaspoon chopped ginger

Topping suggestions:

slivered almonds

sliced fried figs


chopped apple


1.Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

2. Add your desired topping and serve

Makes 1 bowl


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  1. for the longest time, i was holding out on smoothie bowls. paying $7 for what is basically a chunky smoothie doesn’t seem worth it to me! but then i broke down and tried one, and they’re so delicious. still not worth $7, so this recipe sounds great! especially with arugula and ginger sneaked in (:

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