Turkey Sandwich on a stick

Fun, portable turkey sandwiches!!! 

Sandwich on a stick, I love you. 

Plain old, boring turkey sandwich cut into cubes and skewered. 

Aaand children devour these. 

Anything on a stick is always fun. Don’t you think so? 

Bonus, it looks tooooo good. 

More of a concept than a recipe. 

Totally customizable with your (or your child’s ) favorite bread, deli meat, cheese, fillings and condiments. 

Skewer in any order that you prefer. 



Skill level – Easy

Turkey Sandwich on a stick


Any bread of your choice, cut into cubes

Mayonnaise, as required

Any cheese of your choice, cut into cubes

Cherry tomatoes

Deli turkey slices

Lettuce leaves



1. Spread a small dollop of mayo onto one side of bread cubes.

2. Skewer bread (mayo side in), cheese, turkey slices (folded), lettuce (folded) and another bread (mayo side in).

3. Serve sandwiches immediately or pack them in school lunch box. 


There are no measurements given, since it really depends on the number of skewers that you want to make. 

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