Shrimp with Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

shrimp with sun dried tomato cream sauce

Super quick to put together, only 20 minutes from start to finish! This shrimp with sun dried tomato cream sauce is incredibly delicious and perfect for those busy weeknights.    I love shrimp dinners.  Always stocked in the freezer Thaws quick Cooks in no time Delicious Family favorite   Here is a reader favorite that […]

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Whole Wheat Double Chocolate Avocado Muffins

An amazingly healthier version of chocolate muffins! They are perfectly moist, chocolatey, delicious and so decadent. The ultimate whole wheat chocolate avocado muffins.   FUDGY. MOIST. DECADENT. These are my ultimate favorite chocolate muffin of all time! No butter. No oil. Only good fats from avocado. Annnd, satisfies my chocolate craving all day. With not […]

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Avocado Agua Fresca

Four simple ingredients –> avocado, coconut water, honey and lemon juice. It’s creamy, light, refreshing and OH-SO-GOOD-FOR-YOU.  I’m seriously on a avocado KICK. That’s how obsessed I am right now.  This is a must – every day of the year! Light breakfast. Snack. Just any time.  Creamy yet light and refreshing!! I just side tracked […]

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Avocado Naan

Amazingly soft and fluffy avocado naans cooked in a skillet. Bonus, they are surprisingly easy to make.  You guys.  I have a major avocado problem.  Or not!!!  Don’t you love a good, homemade naan? Or, is it just me?  Fresh, hot of a skillet that’s  soooo soft and fluffy. Many a times, all I need […]

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Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats

A cool, refreshing breakfast on a hot day!  Everyone’s favorite Black forest cake, but much healthier in the form of overnight oats. Made with old fashion oats, chia seeds, cocoa powder, maple syrup, greek yogurt and fresh cherries, this black forest cake overnight oats is easy yet impressive.   Cake for breakfast? YASSS!!! And not any […]

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Chocolate Cookie Dough Pretzel Fudge

Easy microwave chocolate fudge layered with raw cookie dough, salty crunchy pretzels all topped off with a chocolate drizzle.  All things in life needs a chocolate drizzle!!! Easy, quick, microwave chocolate fudge, Raw, safe-to-eat cookie dough, Salty, crunchy, crispy pretzels, More salt, Chocolate drizzle to finish. Sweet, salty, fudgy, soft, crispy, crunchy…these fudge bars will […]

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Easy Kulfi Recipe (easiest and creamiest)

easy kulfi recipe

Easy kulfi recipe that is sure going impress your family and friends! We are talking super creamy no-churn kulfi ice cream.  Summer!!!! Sweet, cold…super cold, creamy, crunchy and really, REALLY good. What is kulfi ice cream?  Kulfi is an Indian version of ice cream. It is flavored with saffron, cardamom and sometimes garnished with pistachios. It […]

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Raw Date and Nut Salami

raw date and nut salami

No-cook, vegan raw date and nut salami is a really delicious snack made with dates, coconut oil, shredded coconut, cashews, pistachios and almonds. Incredibly healthy and guilt-free! Something sweet in the middle of  the day? Yes please.  Better yet if it is TOTALLY guilt-free!  These healthy date nut snacks are RAW. VEGAN. PALEO. DAIRY FREE. GLUTEN-FREE. NO […]

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Skinny Mango Colada With (Optional) Jalapeños

skinny mango coladas

Light and refreshing mango coladas with fresh mango puree and coconut water. Aaaand yes, these are served with jalapeños ice cubes!!! Summer is almost here. Gimme  flip flops, sunglasses, beach chair and some mango coladas! And drink away… it’s skinny…… Yessss. These skinny mango coladas are very light and fresh since it begins with coconut […]

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Ridiculously Healthy Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

healthy carrot oatmeal cookies

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar! Made with carrot, dates, banana, oats, walnuts and spices, these ridiculously healthy carrot oatmeal cookies are my solution when a cookie craving strikes. Healthy breakfast carrot cookies for the win!!! Ridiculously healthy carrot oatmeal cookies.  Carrot. Banana. Dates. Oats. Walnuts. Spices.  Thats it, Nothing else. No […]

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