Baked Beet Chips

baked beet chips

These baked beet chips are an amazingly healthy snack that is incredibly crunchy, crispy and it’s good for you!!!  Still going strong with resolutions, but at times I crave for some sugary or salty or crispy snack. Beet chips to my rescue. Guilt free, nutritious, delicious, easy…heck YES!!! Slice, bake, eat <—  as easy as […]

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Zucchini Medhu Pakoda

Authentic South Indian style pakodas but with a twist!!  Zucchini medhu pakodas = Soft zucchini fritters Its deep fried…along with spices, you know it’s gonna be good.  Especially on a cool day.  Yes, I’m totally one of those wierdos who shares a late summer zucchini recipe when the rest of the world has hopped onto […]

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