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Instant Pot Thai Chicken Fried Rice

This restaurant style Instant pot Thai chicken fried rice recipe is the absolute best. It's quick and easily made in instant pot when you don't have any leftover rice and delicious plain with wedges of tomato and cucumber slices. 
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: Instant pot Thai chicken fried rice
Servings: 4
Author: Maria Doss




  • Set instant pot in saute mode. When hot, add 1-2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Add eggs and scramble, remove on to a plate when very soft. (You don't have to continuously stir eggs. Stir 'em every 20 seconds or so, until no longer liquidy. This will yield larger pieces of very soft scrambled eggs).
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons oil to the now empty instant pot. Add chopped onion and garlic, saute for 2-3 minutes and then stir in chicken and spread into a single layer. Cook for about 2 minutes.
  • Add rinsed and drained rice and saute for about 20 seconds and then stir in chicken stock and ground black pepper. Scrape sides, close Instant pot, lock lid, set valve to sealing, press cancel. (Refer notes below to see which method is right for you).
  • Cooking Method-1 : Select rice mode. (This is an automatic setting and mine took 12 minutes). When cook time is done, let the Instant pot be in warm mode for 3 minutes. When 3 minutes is done, turn valve to vent and let pressure release. Press cancel and open lid. Gently stir in cooked eggs, chopped scallion, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar.
  • Cooking Method-2 : Cook for 3 minutes on manual mode. When cook time is done, let it be in warm mode for 10 minutes (for al dente rice) and 15 minutes (for more softer rice) When cooking time is done, turn valve to vent and let pressure release.Press cancel and open lid. Gently stir in cooked eggs, chopped scallion, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar.
  • Remove pot insert from the instant pot base and place on a wire rack to cool for 10 minutes before serving. This helps the rice to firm up and sauce to be absorbed.
    Note that this recipe makes a more perfectly cooked rice when compared to the firmer (or aldente ) style like the ones used for Chinese fried rice recipes.
    Enjoy hot Instant pot chicken fried rice for lunch/dinner with sliced cucumber, tomatoes and a lime wedge or cool and pack into meal prep containers for the week. 


Which cooking method is right for you? 
Cooking method-1 
  • If you have tried this recipe already and you have had great success. Just stick to this. 
  • If you cook different rice recipes in your Instant pot and use the rice setting and love the way the rice gets cooked , then this is right for you. 
Cooking method-2
  • If you have tried this recipe before and had a mushy outcome, then go for this. 
  • If you are not sure about your rice or cooking method. 
I tried making this recipe in a 3-quart Instant pot and a 8-quart Instant Pot. Result? Fried rice in 8-quart was much more firmer that the 3-quart. So, if you a own a larger Instant Pot, then use that for firmer rice. 
Rice - any long grain white basmati rice can be used. Rinse rice in a colander until water runs clear. Let it hang out in the strainer at least for 5 minutes, to drain almost all the water. 
Chicken stock - I used 1 cup of 33% less sodium chicken stock and the salt was perfect along with oyster sauce and soy sauce.
DO NOT USE regular sodium chicken stock. It will make the dish too salty. 
Do not double the recipe. It’s just too much to work with and makes the rice overcooked in the process.