Shrikhand Overnight Oats

Overnight oats that tastes like Shrikhand!!!  TRULY. Prepare to be amazed.  Ah the convenience of cold overnight oats… But, it’s no summer. ’tis the season for hot soups, warm blankets and cozy sweaters. My mornings are still crazy.  Theoretically, I’d love to stir hot oatmeal every morning.  Ain’t happening. Not on weekdays.  A simple breakfast […]

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Kulfi Overnight Oats

kulfi overnight oats

This kulfi overnight oats tastes like Indian kulfi!!!! Saffron, cardamom, pistachios make take simple overnight oats into an exotic breakfast.  What the WHAT. All the flavors. Cannot handle. Cold, creamy, no-cook, on-the-go breakfast. But, wait. It tastes like a cold, creamy Kulfi. Holy goodness. A tasty overnight oats!  Make it, won’t you? Takes 2-3 minutes of […]

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Easiest, Creamiest Kulfi

We are talking super creamy no-churn kulfi ice cream!  Say hello to your new favorite summer pop.  Crunchy pistachios, floral cardamom and majestic saffron. Mmmm…… No ice cream maker required. Yet , so creamy…dreamy… Traditionally not creamy. But, why not? Ain’t gonna hurt, right? Kulfi can be frozen in any container like ice cream or […]

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