Mini Gingerbread Cocoa Cups

Decorated gingerbread cookie that looks too darn cute! Crisp, soft, sweet, spicy, minty and ADORABLE. 

 I’m going crazy with Christmas baking right now. 

It wouldn’t be complete without  a classic gingerbread cookie. 

Well, thought I shake things up a bit. 

How cute are these cups? So FUN. 

Sure to impress little elves! 

You could use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe. I used this from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which I truly love. You can’t go wrong with a cookie queen’s recipe, right? Cut them into 2 by 1 inch rectangles and bake.

Since these rectangles are tiny, I used a portion of  the gingerbread dough to cut as many rectangles as I needed and cut gingerbread men (what else?)  with the remaining dough <— two cookies with one dough. 

There are no real measurements here. Melted chocolate, pretzels, candy canes and marshmallows are needed based on as  many cookie as you are decorating.

But, to give you a basic idea : for about 20 (2-inch by 1-inch) cookies. you will need 

–  1/2 cup chocolate chips + 2 teaspoons vegetable oil —> melted

– 20 pretzels (or more)

– 30 mini marshmallows

– 1 to 2 candy canes


Skill level – Intermediate

Mini Gingerbread Cocoa Cups


Your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe ( I used Sally’s Baking Addiction – gingerbread men )

pretzels, as required

mini marshmallows, as required 

candy canes, as required

1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

2 teaspoons vegetable oil

Additional tools (optional)

clean small pain brush

a toothpick 


Prepare gingerbread dough as per recipe, cut into 2-inch by 1-inch rectangles. Bake as instructed (I baked for 8 minutes to get a slightly crispy cookie). You could bake for lesser time to get a softer cookie. Cool completely. 

To decorate –

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. 

2. Break pretzels carefully to obtain handles. (I was able to break only one handle from each pretzel. Two, when I got lucky). 

3. Using a scissors, cut marshamllows into 4 pieces each. 

4. Place candy cane in a ziplock bag and crush with a rolling pin, until almost fine. Transfer to a small bowl. 

5. Melt chocolate chips and oil in the microwave until completely melted ( 60 to 90 seconds). Stir every 25 seconds. 

6. Using a spoon, spread melted chocolate on a cookie, covering about 2/3rd of it (refer picture). Smooth edges to remove any excess ( I covered only the front side). Place cookie on the prepared baking tray. Dip both ends of a pretzel handle and stick to a side (refer pictures). Place a few cut marshmallows  (to resemble floating marshmallows in hot cocoa) and then (using your fingertips) sprinkle crushed candy canes on the top of marshmallows (do not cover the marshmallows). You can use the small brush to remove any excess candy canes on the cookie (to make it look neat) and the tooth pick to remove from the chocolate part. 

9. Repeat process with every cookie. 

10. Let cookies set until chocolate has hardened. 


Melt a batch of chocolate ( 1/2 cup cocolate chips + 2 teaspoons vegetable oil) in the microwave, use. Melt another batch if needed. (I was able to decorate about 20 cookies with this. In  full disclosure, I coated only the front side of the cookie with chocolate). 

To make pretzel handles, gently break one part of each pretzel to get the curvy part in one piece (ain’t that difficult). 

I used about 1 1/2 mini marshmallows for each cookie. 

One or two candy canes crushed should be good (unless you are baking up a storm). So, Crush one or two, use and crush more if required. 






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