Tandoori Chicken Naanwich


Really good naanwich that is made with leftover tandoori chicken and cashew mint chutney. Sandwiching in desi style!!! A grilled cheese that does not look anything like your everyday grilled cheese. Naanwich, as I’m calling them start with a naan ( store-bought for convenience), layered with chopped tandoori chicken, cashew-mint-chutney-mayo-thingy, spicy pepper jack (why not?) and […]

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Palak Chicken Kofta

AKA…chicken meatballs in spinach sauce.  Check out this post for more pictures and notes You guys!  Please tell me that you are going to make it this weekend.  Major YUM… Enjoy with any flat bread to mop up all the sauce and while you are at it, lick you fingers too.  It’s that GOOD. Let […]

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The Best Tandoori Chicken Naanwich

The best tasting naanwich made with leftover tandoori chicken and mint chutney! Happy hump evening friends! Meet my all-time-favorite grilled cheese!!! Does this even qualify to be a grilled cheese? Well, it has a form of flatbread (instead of the traditional ones) and cheese meted in between. This sandwich aka naanwich has it all – […]

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