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Easy Desserts with Almond Flour

Easy Almond Flour Desserts – If you are gluten-free or just into healthier baking, these recipes from chocolate cake, cookies to brownies are perfect for you!

What is Almond Flour?

Almond flour is made from grinding blanched almonds into a fine powder. It is delicious, nutritious, unbelievably versatile and has a mild sweet taste.

The popularity of almond flour has skyrocketed in the recent years, making it widely available in all major grocery stores and online ( I usually pick up a big bag from Costco and store in the refrigerator for a long shelf life).

The Difference Between Almond Meal and Almond Flour

Almond meal is made from ground whole almonds (with skin on), so it tends to be much more coarser, darker in color and looks more natural in appearance with brown speckles. It is best used to make pancakes, waffles, muffins, quick breads or instead of breadcrumbs to coat chicken, shrimp, fish or mushrooms.

Almond flour is however made by grinding blanched almonds, hence results in a finer powder that can be used seamlessly in baking recipes. The most popular recipe used to be French macaroons, however it is used to make almost any sweet recipe in recent times.

How to use almond flour in dessert recipes?

Almond flour is a great substitute for all purpose flour in many baking recipes. It not only adds nutrition, but also makes the most tender baked product due to the absence of gluten. It adds a mild sweetness to recipes, which makes it even more delicious.

However, using almond flour alone can cause products heavy and dense, so if unless your recipe calls for ALL almond flour, it is a good idea to replace about 50% to 65% of regular flour with almond flour. (I use this method with great success for all pancake and waffle recipes to make a healthy breakfast for my family)

Is Almond Flour healthy?

Almond four is incredibly nutritious when compared to the traditional all purpose or wheat flour. It is rich in vitamin E, magnesium, protein, low in carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber. Naturally gluten free and wheat free, it may help in lowering LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. However, it is also higher in calories when compared to regular flours.

How to Make Almond Flour?

Making homemade almond flour is very easy. Simply add blanched almonds into a high speed blender and process until ground into a fine powder. Stop the blender every few seconds, give a shake to distribute the ingredients. If you grind it too much then it might become almond butter. (I like this detailed recipe to make your almond flour by Minimalistbaker )

Storing Almond Flour

Due to high oil content, nut flours can go rancid much quicker when stored at room temperature. Hence, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator or freezer for a longer shelf life.

Almond Flour Dessert Recipes

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