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Eggless Mug Cake Recipes

Mug Cakes are one of the easiest desserts you’ll ever make. They are quick, easy and makes one or two servings!! Perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth when a craving strikes.

What is a Mug Cake?

Mug cakes are cakes baked in a microwave instead of a traditional oven. A simple cake batter is stirred together in a mug and microwaved for a minute or two. They are usually made with few simple ingredients and makes one or two servings.

Why do I love mug cakes?

  • Single serving <—- portion control
  • Easy clean up
  • Made with basic pantry ingredients
  • Ready in under 5 minutes
  • Enjoy immediately <—–No waiting to cool down
  • Countless variations
  • Vegetarian
  • Perfect for late night cravings

Do Mug Cakes Rise?

Microwave cakes cooks in lightening speed when compared to the traditional kind. Recipes usually include a type of leavening to help with the rising but the quick cooking also tends to to dry them out when cold. So, mug cakes are best enjoyed HOT from the microwave.

How Do Mug Cakes Work?

Few simple ingredients (depending on the type of mug cake) are stirred together in a microwave safe coffee mug to make a smooth batter, nuked for a minute or so and then enjoyed immediately.

What Kind of Mug Should I Use for a Mug Cake?

You want to choose a microwave safe mug (stay away from metal or insulated ones).

The cake batter tends to rise while cooking in the microwave, hence you want to stay away from smaller mugs. Recommended size would be anything larger than 12 ounces.

It is also important to remember that the mug should be filled only about 2/3 full, since the batter will rise when cooking. And, cakes cooked in wider mugs will be done in a shorter time when compared to regular mugs.

How is mug cake different from a normal cake?

There are a few major differences –

  • Usually a single-serve dessert
  • They are essentially steamed, not baked.
  • Cooks much faster — within minutes!
  • They tend to dry out faster, so they have to be enjoyed right away!

Expert tips on making a successful mug cake

Don’t overfill – Since the cake rises considerably when cooking, overfilling the mug might end up with batter overflowing the sides of the mug and making a mess. Filling to about half to 2/3rd full is recommended. However, if you wish to double a recipe, then simply use a larger microwave safe bowl or dish instead.

Serve immediately – Unlike a traditional cake, which is cooled comletely before it is enjoyed, eggless mug cake recipes tend to dry out or become hard when cool. So, mug cakes are best enjoyed right away!

Skip eggs – Since mug cakes are usually single serving, one egg tends to be too much for the portion and it ends up tasting “eggy”. So, mug cakes amade without eggs have the best soft and light texture.

Add the right amount of leavening – Baking powder is generally the go-to leavening for mug cakes. Adding too little makes the cake rise not as much and more than needed might make the batter rise too much and then shrink back later.

We have rounded up our favorite mug cake recipes from scratch for a wide range of dessert cravings – From decadent chocolatey kind, fruity cakes to unique mug cakes. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of these rich mug cake recipes tonight.

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